Baby is teething? Take a deep breath darln..

My little one has been teething but once she turned 10 months,  all hell broke loose… Lol
I know parenting is never easy but seeing your baby in a certain condition can really make you loose your cool.
So, on  certain Wednesday morning, we woke up well and the day went on well, did my chores, tried to feed my little one but she ate like three spoons and decided she wasn’t going to have anymore. I tried all i could but she refused and started throwing serious tantrums and i was left with no choice but to stop and breastfeed her.
I noticed that she was sweating more that usual and she had some sort of temperature at the back of her neck. I checked her forehead but she didn’t seem to have a fever, i removed her socks and all seemed well (i guess your wondering why i went through all that hustle instead of using a thermometer. Well, i din’t have one) I learnt my lesson anyway, i need to have one in the house.
I always have a paracetamol in my house for the baby, i knew it would come in handy in times like this. I took the calpol and gave it to my little one and within no time she was back to normal.
I had noticed that she had not been in her good moods the whole day. Come nighttime, i gave her dinner, still she ate a little and so i breastfed her and then put her to sleep, after 30 minutes or so she was up again i breastfed her and she slept again, after an hour she woke up again, i breastfed her and she went back to sleep, just when i was drifting off to sleep, i was awakened by some serious cries. I dragged myself to little Zedy’s crib, picked her up and when i was about to breastfeed her, she started yelling and pushing me and throws her hands and feet, she was hysterical (am here thinking what the hell is going on here) i tried to get her to stop crying but she wouldn’t stop.
My mum was in the other room and she heard her and she came into my room so quick (superman had nothing on her).. Lol
My little one had like serious temperature this time round, we took off her socks, removed some of her clothes just to cool her off and she calmed down, she started playing and smiling and within no time she was back to her happy self. I gave her the calpol again and she went back to sleep after breastfeeding. I knew come morning, i would have to take her for checkup just to make sure nothing else was bothering her.
When i took her to the hospital, they did some checkup and am glad to say that all was well with my little baby.
All i did was to pass by the pharmacy and get some more calpol and bonjela teething cream and all is well up until now (Alhamdullilah)
Is your baby teething, just relax and take a deep breath you are in for a ride but everything will be fine my friend.
Happy parenting.



9 months and refusing to eat solids

I have had the most frustrating two days of my life. All i hear is cries left right and center but the breast has done me justice. My precious little 9 month old baby girl has refused to eat. I mean COMPLETELY!! 
She closes her mouth and would not open it even when she is crying (sigh) she would hear none of it. She squirms and hits and scratches.

What is funny is that just the other day she was so happy munching her solids but now she wants none of it. I have tried to sing and dance for her but nothing seems to work. No form of destruction has worked on my little girl.

So, after my LO woke up from her nap this afternoon, I had made her some fresh juice and tried to give it to her and she refused, as i was taking my glass of water she was looking at me keenly, i gave her a sip and she drank it. I drained my glass and poured her juice in it (holy smokes)!!  She drank the whole damn thing (excuse my language). I was deeply elated.

I had to go for a 40 minute walk just to calm my nerves because i was feeling so bad that my baby wasn’t feeding but the goodness is that she is still breastfeeding (being a first time mum is never easy but it gets better with time).

Come dinner time, i prepared her food and asked my mum to give it to her and she ate 3 spoons only and started her fits again so she stopped feeding her.. As my mum was eating she started crying for my mum’s food. She had no choice but to give it to her.

Anyway, from now on, no more stressing i will just give her food using the grown up plate and be patient with her. I know it’s part of growing and eventually she will be feeding herself.

The advice i would also give is to try and make your baby’s food tasty by trying different combinations. There are lots of recipes you can try because If you keep on repeating the same diet, the baby will get bored and also refuse to eat.

Take a deep breath and relax.


Postpartum Depression

Giving birth should be one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life but it sure does come with surprises.
Giving birth can be so overwhelming to a woman to the point they get postpartum depression. Most women experience it and if you don’t experience it then you are one of the lucky few(be happy about it, your truly blessed)
I was one person who really enjoyed my alone time but when i had my baby, i found myself feeling so depressed when i was left alone in the house. I went from being an all so jolly person to a typical cry baby.
I remember during my baby shower, i was warned about postpartum depression and i took it so lightly. It’s a feeling you just can’t explain to anyone not unless they experience it.
I love my baby no doubt about it and i would cross the ocean just to do anything for her. She is my world, my joy and am grateful to have brought such a beautiful human being into the world.
I remember asking myself what had i gotten myself into and looking at my little one I would really cry. Am grateful i have a very good support system, that is my lovely husband(God Bless him). I went through all these and came out strong.
The first three months are usually the hardest but it usually gets better with time. Just hang in there mama, all will be well. In case your feeling overwhelmed, take a walk or just sit somewhere quietly for just ten minutes or even better when the baby sleeps, you can also sleep. You will be surprised how good you will feel afterwards.
Being a parent is one of the hardest job but the reward is LOVE from your little one.

Every woman has her own experiences so hang in there, seek help if need be.


After two and a half days of waiting…

So, i started weaning my baby, Lord knows how i was longing for this day. Am happy to say that I have been breastfeeding exclusively.
I started giving my baby papaya and everything was going well. The goodness with papaya is that it helps the baby poop and doesn’t make the poop too hard it actually softens.
The day i decided to give her porridge, she actually liked it but the problem was getting her to poop. I gave her plenty water but nothing came out on day one. So i said maybe she will do it come the following day, shock on me, i kept checking if there was anything but instead i got nothing.
I was a bit worried but the goodness is that i was taking her to the clinic to be weighed so i would eventually ask the pediatrician if it was normal or if there was something that could be done. I made my way to the clinic and the doctor told me it was okay and that i should continue giving her water since her system wasn’t used to food yet, it usually takes time for the baby to adjust.
I went back home feeling hopeful but my baby was restless, you know that feeling that you gotta go to the restroom for number 2  but you just can’t, you know how uncomfortable that feels? I can imagine how my baby was feeling.
During the two days, i used to give her massages on her tummy just to kind of help but it didn’t work. Anyway, day two is over so comes day three, at this point i wasn’t checking the diaper as often as i used to but when i went to change her diaper when she was wet, i saw something, i did a happy dance, never have i been so happy just to see poop… Lmao
I can’t believe i had to wait two and a half days. Whatever goes in must come out (no pun intended) hahaha
Happy weaning to all mums out there. If you are in a situation like mine then don’t fret, it will come out eventually… Lol


Cesarean or Normal delivery

Whichever route you choose to go as long as you have your baby in your arms then it’s all good. Many people argue that those who have had a c-section haven’t gone through child birth.
There are many reasons as to why some women opt for c-section instead of normal delivery so don’t be quick to judge one another.
Let me tell you something, i had a wonderful pregnancy despite the first few months of morning sickness. My baby did fine all through, she even turned just before my 3rd trimester. I knew all so well that i was going to have a normal delivery. I walked every chance i had, did minimal exercise waiting for the delivery day. Come week 38 i knew she would be here soon, then when i reached week 40 and nothing was happening i knew something was up.
I started getting worked up when someone would ask, the baby isn’t here yet? (question i hated being asked) why can’t people just be patient and quit asking such questions.
Anyway, i never saw any mucus plug, i didn’t get any contractions, my baby was moving well so i didn’t see any cause of alarm. I only felt a cramp like feeling on my lower abdomen. During my doctor’s appointment, i told her my concerns and asked her to check to see if all was well, shock on me i was already 3cm dilated. I knew i wasn’t going back home that day so i checked myself in.
I labored from 6pm to 6am, no pain medz just me and my God… Lol… It was one of the longest night of my life. You can imagine a whole 12 hours and i only dilated 5cm. The only option left was for the doctor to do a c-section. At 6:15am 9/8/2015 i heard my baby’s first cry and it was the best feeling ever. I was happy that my baby and I were safe.
Reason for the c-section was that my pelvis was small. Am here thinking, wasn’t my doctor supposed to know this way before hand? (rhetorical question)

So c-section or normal delivery whichever route you choose to go or depending on the circumstance or situation as long as you have a safe delivery, thank the Lord all day everyday for your little bundle(s) of joy.


When the MILK refuses

Breastfeeding is the most integral part of being a mum. The milk is most nutritious and contains all the necessary nutrients  that is required for the growth and development of your baby. With all that said, i had a little scare after delivering my bambino.
I never got to have the leaks that other preggo women have. So, one day when i was doing my routine(massaging my nipples) i tried squeezing my nipple just to see if something will happen and voila! There was fluid. It was clear to off white. I was super stoked and right there and then i knew i would not have a problem come breastfeeding day… Lol
Shock on me! The day i delivered my baby, i tried breastfeeding her but there was nothing coming out, i was told to keep breastfeeding her since this will stimulate milk production. I did all i could and all i felt was pain and still nothing was coming out. My baby was getting hungry so she had to be given formula. I immediately became depressed, am that person who believed that breastfeeding exclusively is the way to go. I know there are other women who have different opinions about breastfeeding.
My doctor had to prescribe a certain tablet (magic pills… Lol)  that i took and she said that if by the following morning there will be no change then she will not discharge me from the hospital (sadness galore).
Come the next day, i was so anxious as i was waited for her to come and check. When she squeezed my nipple just once, milk gushed out, i was so happy i just had to do my happy dance despite being sore.
I can happily say that am exclusively breastfeeding my baby, she is 4 and half months and am loving every bit of it. There is a bond that is created between you and your baby when you breastfeed.
Breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed people. Don’t be afraid that you will have saggy boobs due to breastfeeding, do this for your baby. Wear a nursing bra if your feeling so self conscious, don’t just neglect your boobies Hahaha

Happy pregnancy!

The first ultrasound

How exciting is it when you get to have a glimpse of your bun in the oven? It is the most exciting, exhilarating, eye catching, dumb founding moment.
You know your appointment is the following day, i tell you the night before, anxiousness will kick in that will make you to whisper a prayer to the Almighty asking him to protect your baby and that all will be well.
You wake up and prepare yourself all so well and start your journey to the OB/GYN. As you wait for your turn to go in, you break into a sweat or even make a dash to the washroom since visiting the washroom has been the norm these days.
You get called in and the doc prepares the essentials, your asked to lie down and told to view the screen because within minutes you will be able to see him/her or maybe both(in cases of twins).
Your shown the heart, you get to hear the heartbeat (the best feeling ever! I tell you) it still gives me goosebumps when i think about it. Then you get to see the head, the body, the arms and legs and most of all your baby movements. Some may see their baby sucking on their thumb(so adorable).
When the doctor gives you a clean bill of health, you cannot help but want to leap for joy.
There is 2D, 3D and even 4D ultrasound depending on your choosing thanks to the advancement in technology.
That was my experience, i loved every bit of it and seeing my baby in my womb brought home the reality that i was really expecting and that i was going to be a mum.

Happy pregnancy people!

Loosing Memory?….. Your not alone

Memory loss or some may say forgetfulness is one of the perks of being pregnant. If you feel like your going a bit cookoo then your not alone. It’s quite normal actually.
During my pregnancy, i started to forget things. Lets say am heading to my room to fetch something, i would reach there and i would do total opposite of what i was going to do, then when i go back to sit i remember what had taken me to my room in the first place, then i have to get my lazy ass up again.. Lol..
Words used to come out well but at some point i would forget a certain word or when am in the midst of saying something i would forget and be like, “wait!  What was i saying again.” It happened a lot so i decided to talk less and listen more.. Lol (It worked fine)
Post baby and am still suffering from the same syndrome hahaha Am being told that all my concentration is on the baby and all other things seem less important. You will be so focused on your baby too much and other family members will feel as if your neglecting them but if they come to understand you and what your going through, they will be supportive.
During my pregnancy i had an app called #peakbraintraining i can say it helped me. It got me feeling nice and a little less stressed. The best way to overcome forgetfulness post baby is to make a list. Make a list of what your are supposed to do during the day, tick every activity after you have done it. This will make your life a whole lot easier and you will go to bed with a peace of mind not having forgotten anything.

Relax! Your not going nuts it’s only a matter of time and all will go back to normal. Enjoy your pregnancy and enjoy your time with the baby.


Shop till you drop!!

“Shop till you drop” Hahaha not literally Preggo momma, you got to take it easy.
What i mean is you need to start shopping small. Pick a few items here and there when you get the time.
It really is exciting to here that you are preggers, you start imagining the kind of outfits  you will buy for you bambino you even go window shopping just to see what’s out there.
The question in your head is, “why should i start buying clothes and yet i don’t know the sex of my baby?” The answer is pretty simple, buy neutral colors. (yellow, green, blue, off white, white……)

You don’t necessarily have to buy stuff for baby, you can buy things for yourself too. Growing in a country where we don’t have baby registry, you will basically have to buy everything for yourself. It was not until just a few years back that people started doing baby showers so you can imagine how much money a person had to spend on buying baby stuff. Things are also pricey here, it can really take a toll on you if you don’t have the finances. Those people who cannot afford to buy brand new clothes there is also a second option, that is second hand clothing
That is why am saying, start shopping early so that by the time you are about to deliver, you will have at least everything at your disposal. The 3rd trimester can also be difficult to do shopping because this is the time you start getting tired even by just walking up a flight of stairs.

I was lucky to have an app called Babybump pro, it really guided me on the essential things to buy. Asking my mum was another story, the time she had me, the things they bought were different from what people are buying nowadays so it was also a new experience for her like it was for me. I had to put up with her saying, “I don’t think you need that.”
The people who have money to splurge, you can do your shopping all at once but for the ones who are a little bit short of money, shop slowly but start doing it early.

Happy shopping and happy pregnancy.
Remember, one step at a time and you will get to the finish line.

P. S Remember to buy what is essential and don’t stress yourself if you cannot afford to buy everything on the list, you will still survive, TRUST ME or more so TRUST IN GOD.

Use this as a guide on what to buy


BUTTER your baby bump

Your prolly in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester now, good for you preggo mum
Those who are in there 1st are the ones who will probably benefit from this post. Ever heard of stretch marks?… Lol
Anyway am just kidding, am sure you’ve heard of it, maybe even some of you have them right now and others are lucky not to have them.

Take care of your baby bump because you do not want to regret after delivering your bundle of joy. Moisturize that bump each and every day, you will thank me later.
Even if you are still nursing your nausea and your feeling lazy to do it, get up and Moisturize that bump. Immediately after taking a shower, that’s when your feeling fresh and relaxed just take your time and Moisturize. Apply that butter like it’s a baking tin that’s about to be put in an oven, trust me you will thank me later.

You can use SHEA BUTTER or COCOA BUTTER whichever tickles your fancy.
Don’t be like me, during my 1st trim i used to skip applying because i was nursing a very serious morning sickness. I never had a single stretch mark before i was preggers and now! hahahaha only God knows. During my 2nd and 3rd trimester i was very religious in applying cocoa butter and it helped a whole lot.
Take care of that beautiful body, even if you have cravings of fatty foods try and substitute it with lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink loads of water, exercise a little and don’t forget to moisturize that bump.


Like i said earlier, all women are different and the products you use may work on you and not on another person. Find what works for you and go for it.